Why Branding Matters?

Stand Out in the Crowd!

While it may seem intangible, your brand is one of your company’s most valuable assets. Branding is important because it sets you apart from your competition and gives your customer a reason to buy from you. Consistent, strategic branding leads to strong brand equity. Your brand is the promise you make to your customer. Your branding tells your story and why you are in business. It defines what you stand for and tells customers what they can expect when they do business with you. Customers form an emotional attachment to your brand and form perceptions that go along with that. Branding is what works to establish that story.

  • ­Modern and evergreen logo for your business.
  • ­Branding that stands out in the crowd.
  • ­Strategic approach towards redesigning brand.

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    Our Logo Design Process

    Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.


    Now, different designers will go to different extent with the discovery phase. Some designers will just send a branding questionnaire or have a more informal discovery phone call. However, We use our proprietary brand strategy framework that we run with our clients prior to embarking on any design work. So we run the strategy workshop with our client, and during that session we go through a series of branding exercises that help us extract all the necessary information about the project. Now, in the second step, We take all the information form the discovery phase and conduct further research to draw insights that will serve us later on in the ideation phase.


    Sketching logos is where real creativity comes into play, and the goal of sketching is to find a connection between an idea and the creation of a form. Some designers use a sketchbook while others start right away on the computer, but most professional logo designers sketch logos by hand, using pen on paper. This is because sketching by hand gives you an immediacy of artistic expression and we believe that very logo designer should absolutely start this way. You’ve probably also heard about the fact that the best ideas usually come about in the least expected moments. While your conscious mind is consumed by other tasks (like driving a car, or exercising), then your unconsciousness comes up with some really great ideas. That’s why we always recommend designers to carry something that you can sketch on. This step usually takes a few days as you really need to go for quantity here and sketch a ton of logos. And this is because we need to have many great ideas, so that in the next step we can pick a few strong ones and execute them digitally on computer.


    Now, design part is all about translating our sketches into digital form and then further testing viability of each concept. So we don’t rush here to execute every single logo idea that we have, but rather focus only on concepts that you think can work effectively for our client. The design part can take a very long time (a few days to a few weeks) before we actually execute our ideas in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.


    We tweak the designs and test different colors, fonts, spacing, alignment and so on—always making a new copy so that we can always go back to the previous version of our logo. This step is simply about testing many different ways in which we can execute our logo sketches in order to arrive on the best aesthetics.

    Final Logo

    Once we done with designing our logo concepts (and we are pretty happy with the outcome), then we just need to show them to our client. And we will show the client our three strongest brand identity concepts. Each of these three logo concepts is the result of the disciplined but creatively open process we describe here. While each of those concepts are different, they all revolve around the strategy.

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