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Apocalypto – DayZ Game

Apocalypto Server website, This is a video game server for DayZ Survivor game, We created everything for this server from the game files and server development to the server website.
And the story for this server start from: This server is specially designed for those who want to live a real-life after the end of the world, where we created a realistic environment that enables players to play freely without being killed every time they enter the server, but this does not mean that they are not exposed to murder or theft, because there are always lawbreakers everywhere… You can be a responsible citizen or a lawbreaker, but beware, killing in PVE places is not allowed, therefore, it is not something that you should do on a permanent basis. Excessive killing in PVE areas may result in a ban. We also reduced the damage when targeting within PVE areas, and health is restored quickly, but you are still liable to get killed if you get a dead shot.

We delivered:

  • Windows Server configuration
  • DayZ game Configuration
  • Develop Server mods
  • Server Logo
  • Server Management
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